Jerking with cousin

When I was young I went on a road trip with a much older cousin to help him move stuff up to the mountains where he and his wife were opening a new business. He made me feel very grown up the way he talked to me as a young man. I remember when the conversation turned to the topic of masturbation. He asked me if I pleasured myself. I said yes, even though I didn’t really know what he was asking. He talked about his philosophy of “if it feels good, then do it.”

Later after we unloaded everything from his pickup truck, we went to our family house in the mountains, which was nearby, to clean up. I remember he offered me a beer, which I took. Again, I really liked being treated like a young man. He suggested that we each take showers and then hang out in towels for a while.

He brought up the topic of masturbation again and asked me if I wanted to. I said sure, and then he asked me if I wanted him to jack me off. I agreed, laid down on the couch, and he proceeded to stroke my dick. This was a first for me, and I remember him telling me to just relax. He said I would enjoy it a lot more if I did. I don’t remember how long this went on for, but I know it took him a long time to get me to shoot my first load. Afterwards, we traded places. He laid back on the couch and opened up his towel to reveal a dick that was so much larger than mine. I also remember liking the way way his hairy chest and stomach looked. He asked me if I wanted stroke him. I declined, knowing that he would see how inexperienced I really was. I was memorized sitting him jacking off until he came.

We cleaned up again and then he drove me all the way back home. He told me that I shouldn’t tell anyone, and I didn’t. I ended up working for them on the weekends when we went up to the mountains. This gave us many opportunities to be alone, or for me to enjoy the feel of a strong man’s hand on my dick over the next several years.

(I have rarely shared this story because of the age difference)