Baller wrote about the meet up… Wanna plan your own meet up!? Let me know.

Here’s the recap in case you can post it:

12 freeballers in all showed up. I was there from 8am and stayed about 45 mins.

Some guys let me take pictures of their bulges which I attached to this e-mail. Some did not. Which I don’t understand because they’re anonymous pictures. No face. Why wouldn’t you want show off your nice bulge to our Freeball Club members? But nonetheless, I honored their privacy. And I always will.

At first it was just me and this nice-dicked Asian guy walking around. The outline of the mushroom head of his gorgeous cock was clearly visible in his gym shorts as he walked around. Eventually he got a full on boner and wow! So nice. I felt it up a bit. This Asian guy was hung nicely. The stereotype had escaped him.

I noticed a married dad freeballer walking around. He was wearing green gym shorts but had a cart to hide behind. He was very nervous and skittish as he put things into his cart pretending to shop, but the cock-lust in his eyes betrayed his cover. He had a nice fat dick bulge in his shorts. But he was too nervous to say or do anything with it.

At one point 7 of us were gathered in one aisle, bunched up in the corner feeling up each others hard cocks. Braver guys whipped out their throbbing dicks and were rewarded with sweaty-palmed impromptu hand jobs from horny strangers. It felt so animal. It felt so hot.

The hands-down star of our outing was definitely this light-skinned, muscular black guy in blue gym shorts and a gray tank. Pictures attached. From the moment he walked in, his giant ass-splitting cock was hard as a rock and working it’s way down the side of his leg. He was smart enough to bring a towel which he used as a shield when non-free ballers were afoot. But when it was just us, he let that fat cock throb and squirm and be cajoled and palmed by all of us . Not only were he and his cock the hottest there… but he was also nice and kind and very friendly. He’s the type of guy you can jerk off to and fall in love with at the same time. Sexy and sweet.

But the finale of today’s’ event was spectacular. And a definite first. Especially if you’re into the Daddy/Son genre.

This HOT daddy who looked to be in his late 50’s with a full head of thick gray hair, a toned muscled body and a glorious HARD cock showed up. He quickly caught the attention of this brown-haired lanky twink who at first I didn’t think was part of our meeting because he looked too young. But then I laid eyes on his hard teen cock sticking out of his basketball shorts. It was big especially because it was accentuated by his thin boy frame. He was definitely one us.

Horny men encircled that twink like vultures surrounding a desert carcass. The boy’s cock was so hard. The look of abject desire in his young eyes was glaring. It was as if all his adolescent fantasies were coming true then and there: To be surrounded and felt up by a group of horny and hard older men in a public. He was living the dream.

But that twink boy wanted one thing and one thing only: Daddy. He quickly zeroed in on that gray-haired, big-cocked daddy like a starving dog on a side of beef. And daddy wanted that boy bad too. Daddy whipped his hard cum-filled cock out. The twink immediately wrapped his boy hand around it and started stroking daddy. Right there in public! 3 or 4 other guys formed a privacy circle around them. The boy was licking his lips. He really wanted to take that daddy dick into his mouth but was scared to. Daddy whispered things to the boy while he jerked his cock. The boy’s cock was now throbbing with reckless abandon. And the horny men surrounding him were feeling him up, enjoying his boy cock to no end. Then something amazing happened. The boy’s stroking crescendoed to a fever pitch. The daddy was in ecstasy and quickly shot his load on the floor. Ropes and ropes of daddy cum spilled out. I couldn’t believe what was happening right in front of me. Sadly the Daddy wouldn’t let me take pictures of his cock. And I never asked the boy ‘cause I didn’t want to frighten him away.