my neighbor - the stripper

I just moved to a new area in LA a few weeks ago and have gotten to know only one neighbor in my building. He’a a very friendly guy in his mid twenties, on the plus-side of average looks, and in decent shape but not muscular and cut. He is a divorced father of a little boy, and has an MBA. Imagine my surprise to find out he makes a living as a stripper! He has never been able to get a decent job after college, so he decided to get an indecent one. Stripping is his only source of income and he appears to make a lot of money at it. He started out performing in straight bars, but he said women don’t tip very well at all, so he mostly works now in gay bars where guys tip him very, very well. He told me of one bar where he works that is near our building and he invited me to stop by some time. I was so curious, and I knew I would do it eventually, so I went this past week. I thought I would try to do it without him knowing I was there, in case he might perform differently if he saw me. There were three other dancers (who, I was told later, are also straight guys) who were better looking than my friend, but they weren’t getting anywhere near as much attention as he was. The other guys were wearing skimpy, tight “speedo” type shorts, and they would show their dick when someone gave them a tip, but only to the guy who tipped them. My friend, on the other hand, was wearing loose fitting “boxer” type shorts, and he was showing his dick to everybody. His dick was fully hard, and I found out later he was NOT wearing a cock ring, as I assumed he must be. He was moving so his dick was bouncing all over inside those shorts, and it would frequently bounce out through the fly of his shorts. The legs of his shorts were loose enough (and short) that his dick would often bounce right out of the leg. Occasionally he would deliberately lift up the leg of his shorts and give everybody a good look at the whole thing as it bounced to the beat of the music. This guy was getting $5, $10, and even $20 tips, and it kept coming all night. Quite a few girls were there, and they were tipping him too, but I noticed, just as he had said, they would give him only $1. I wondered why people would tip him when he was giving it away for free, but I suppose the tippers wanted a more up-close look and a feel. He was happily letting people stroke his dick. He appeared to really enjoy what he was doing, and the audience clearly loved him. At the end of his set, he got off the platform and came straight to where I was standing. It turns out he had seen me when I first arrived. He hugged me and asked what I thought of his performance. I told him I was mightily impressed, and he seemed flattered by that. I asked him if he had a “fluffer” backstage to help him get hard, and how he managed to keep the hard-on. He said he naturally gets hard when he knows people are watching him, and he added that clearly he is an exhibitionist. I asked about wearing a cock-ring and he said he has never worn one. Then he pulled out the waist-band of his shorts to show me he was not wearing one. I apologized that I didn’t come prepared to tip him, and he laughed and said he’s happy to give freebies to friends. This whole scenario was getting me so turned on, but mostly, I think, because I was having a vicarious thrill; I was thinking of how much I would like to do what he was doing, and I knew how turned on I would be knowing all those people were looking at my meat the way they were at his. I’ve seen this guy here in our building twice since that night, and he is as cool as he was before I saw him flashing his hard cock for the whole world to see just three nights ago.

frat bro

I have school in Santa Monica area and it can always be a hassle to drive from Long Beach all the way there so I usually tend to stay over at my frat brothers place since he lives close to the school. This Sunday I asked him if could spend the night and he said sure. We kicked it and rolled some up and just had a good time like we usually do. It started to get late so we smoked the last bowl and went to bed. I usually always freeball in my shorts or sweatpants but never when I am at peoples house, so I decided to freeball it this time at his place. As we were getting into bed I see that he is not wearing underwear like usual. Right away i started to get a semi but had it under control. Although at times Hollister sweatpants tend to feel too good and it was what I was wearing that night. So we were sleeping and I couldn’t sleep much since I was still thinking about his bulge and I see him facing me with his hands outwards in my direction so I decided to face him and were his hands were I positioned myself for my sack to touch his hands. Right away I started to get hard but tried to control it so it wouldn’t be that noticeable. I kept rubbing my bulge on his hands until he noticed and then quickly moved his hand away but made it seemed like he was scratching his nose. As soon as he did that i turned the other way and had my back towards him. Once I did that he got a little closer behind me and I can feel his crotch right on my ass crack so I slowly start to move my ass a bit and I feel him getting a chub. As we stayed in this position “asleep” I decided to sleep on my stomach and have my hands on the sides, as I did that i slowly made sure my hand touches his crotch. I left it there for a good while and every now and then I would grab it and feel him up. Soon after the alarm went off and I had to get ready for class. I was a bit bummed out I couldn’t do more like give my bro hand ;). I hope the next time i spend the night over again, I am able to do more.