Anonymous asked:

I went to the gym tonight around 2am and when I got there there was one guy working out and one guy working. I always go to the restroom first to see if there's any action, tonight the guy who works there was in the big stall but he left when he heard me wash my hands. I noticed he appeared to be free balling in his dark grey sweats. I plan on going around this time every night. Maybe I'll get lucky :)

Good luck.

Gym time..

Last week at the gym (la fitness) I was freeballing, but other than a few looks, nothing really went on. When I went into the showers, I saw this older guy checking me out. He was accross from the shower where I was. It’s happened before with other men, we jerk off and go our separate ways. This time, I started playing with myself and he did the same. He then motioned to me to go into the sauna. We both went in, but unfortunately there were 2 other guys in there so we couldn’t do anything.

After a few minutes, he went out and sat down on a bench. I went out and sat next to him. All the while we kept checking out our bulges. We were both wet from the shower and sauna. He was wearing swimming trunks, all I had on me was white underwear that Ilike to wear in the showers that leave little to the imagination.

He then whispered for me to go to the restroom, the last stall. I knew it was risky and I was nervous, but I went where he told me. I went in, closed the door but didn’t lock it. A few seconds later, he came in and locked the door.

Without a word, he sat on the toilet, grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him. He took my dick in his mouth and within seconds I was rock hard. He took it all in, deep throating. It felt amazing. I grabbed his head and pulled him in deeper and deeper. Unexpectedly, he raised my leg and his tongue went to my balls, then my ass. I’m not into guys playing with my ass, but I let him. He licked my asshole and it felt amazing! He turned me around roughly and bent me over. Once again, I consider myself straight and am not into others playing with my ass. But I let him. He licked and sucked my ass so hard. I tried not to moan, but it was hard. I had to feel his mouth on my dick again, so I turned back around and he took all my dick in again. Soon, I was shooting down his throat, my whole body shaking.

He smiled, and left me there with a big smile on my face.

A Brunch Of Cock…

A friend of mine called me this weekend to see what I was up to. Like most weekends it’s filled with laundry and a bit of house keep. After some chitchat we thought it would be a good idea to have brunch in a neighborhood that we both haven’t ventured into much. We decided on a place that seemed to get some positive reviews and more so rave reviews about their croissants. But I digress… we sit outside and after all the normal pleasantries, ordering and receiving our meal; I notice this cute couple walking down the street toward the restaurant I’m sitting in. From afar I could see that he was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and had one of the best builds I’ve ever seen. As they got closer to us you could see that he was younger and wearing a t-shirt that had some Greek lettering on it. They continue to walk towards us, hand-in-hand, with his outside hand in the pocket of the mesh basketball shorts that held close to his body. As they enter the restaurant (the type that has the host stand on the outside) he lets her take lead. You could tell that he must have been woken up from a long night of drinking and that she was probably his GF of the week. I do the normal head-to-toe; hair disheveled, wrinkled and dirty shirt, mesh BBall shorts, pulled up socks and some Vans. Classic frat boy look. I notice as she’s talking with the host he’s adjusting himself behind her. I’m shocked, with mouth gaping open, at what I see…the most beautiful cock, thick and long, freeballing behind those mesh short.  I turn to my friend, slapping his arm, ‘Look at this guys D!’ I can’t recall how loud I must have said it but I think it caught his attention too. He started looking in our direction and smiled. Of course, we kept our heads down in embarrassment but couldn’t help but looking at the guy. He must have liked all the attention because we could see him becoming more and more aroused, shoving his hands in his pockets trying to hide his massive bulge. ‘Wow!’, is all I could say to myself. Shortly after paying our bill we get up from our table to leave the restaurant, we pass him and his GF on the way out. I smile at him and he gives me a little smirk with the upward head nod. As I was walking away I could only think of what he must make her do with that monster in his shorts. What a lucky B! Needless to say, I’ll be brunching in the neighborhood from here on out.