Anonymous asked:

I have been jerking with co worker but not in front of each other. A table between us and he has hung cock. We watch straight porn. What can I say or do to beat off in front of each other?

How did this start?

baller’s gym story

So here I am in the gym right between lunch time break and I decide to freeball since I have never done it before. I become semi hard off the jump. I am wearing some mesh shorts and they are sort of short. I got aroused just by walking around and knowing someone might be looking. So I decide to stretch and I notice that I am peeking through my shorts. Again, semi hard. Then I begin to get on the exercise machine to run. I burn like 154 calories on the treadmill. Then I proceed to the arm stretches and notice this athletic built guy with nice muscles stare at my package. I tried my best not to notice. Then I look at him and he turns his head away. He was wearing a black beater and blue basketball shorts and I can tell he was hard, but then again by both of us being black we show our dick prints anyway. Nothing happens until we get into the locker room. At this point no one is in there; however, it is wide open for folks to see if they walk in. I think that made the rush so exciting. We both accidently brush up against each other and start to rub our packages together. At this point I did not want to stop because it felt so good and I know we would get caught. I was really hard so was he we ended it at that point. I see him playing basketball some days but I often work on upper body. We are both athletic built. My curiosity has went to a whole new level. Very first time doing something like that before.

baller remembers high school

In high school I was in the swim team. We would train in school everyday, but my friend and I would also do extra hours at the YMCA. Everyday would be the same: we would change, swim some laps, go to the shower. In the shower we would never take off our speedos (we had to swim wit speedos), so we would just take a quick shower, change and be on our way. I would always wonder what’d be like to take a shower naked along wit him. The showers was that big room with four shower heads. Everyday, we would be the only two in there. We would throw glances at each other but nothing happened.

One day, I took some soap and told him while we were swimming that I needed to take a real shower that day. Jokingly, I told him I was gonna take it all off. He laughed and said, “I dare you!” We finished our swim and I was nervous going into the shower, but I wanted so bad to experience being naked in front of him.

When we got in, I was very nervous, but then he asked for some soap then said “Alright, I’ll take it off if you do.”

This was it. I slowly took my speedo off, but still covering myself. He then took his off, also covering his junk with his hands. We were across from each other, and we were just smiling at each other. I started to put soap on myself, my back facing him. He then asked for the soap and came to the shower head next to mine. That’s when we saw each other’s dicks. We were both semi hard already. I wanted to grab it so bad, but didn’t want to make the first move, afraid of how he would react.

We were quiet for a while, but I started to wash my dick and balls with the soap. He started doing the same. We kept passing the soap back and forth. We were both getting hard. At one point he dropped the soap, he said “oops, dropped the soap!” We both laughed but when he bent over to get it, he stayed bent over for a while, so I decided to slap his butt. We laughed again, then I “dropped” the soap. He slapped my butt and we laughed again.

The next time he dropped it, I grabbed his ass instead. I caressed it for a few seconds. When he didn’t say anything, I made my way to his cock, it was rock hard by then. So was mine. He turned around and put his hand around my cock too. It felt amazing to be stroking someone else’s cock, while mine was being stroked by other hands. We got closer and rubbed our cocks against each other. We were both about the same size, 7 inches and uncut. It was like we knew exactly how to pleasure each other with our hands. We started breathing hard. I was ready to bust! It didn’t take long for both of us to shoot our loads all over the shower floor.